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The importance of play and digital detox among today’s youngsters

The importance of play and digital detox among today’s youngsters

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It is true that youth in 2019 live with the YOLO (You Only Live Once) motto. Today’s reality is that teenagers are always "on“ in the online platform and we hardly get to see their offline life. It is sarcastically said, that; today's youngsters show respect by unplugging their earphones and locking their mobile screens when elders enter the room.

Social media has literally snatched the real world. It showcased yesterday with likes, it clicks today with hashtags and will continue uploading for a million views.

The social media impact

A lot happens through social media each day, people get "viral" at the blink of an eye. So many poor souls go astray as they didn’t get the expected number of likes or someone forgot to mention their name on a post or failed to reply to their message. At the same time, there are brilliant minds out there making money using the possibilities of Face book, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and everything else. It opens a global platform and news around the world flashes quickly on the twelve-inch screens.

Though the young generation is always on in the social media platforms, the question of “being social” is a very different thing. Elders or the people belong to an era where there was only ’Orkut’ often complain that the youth are not social!

There are psychological and behavioural changes in today’s youngsters with relation to the ‘updated’ upbringing. They often fall behind the ’illusion of happiness’ that they see on social media. People project/post something that attracts the masses, and they put anything and everything irrespective of the content. This affects the vast majority of youth around us; they crave more attention in the virtual world and do uncanny things to be’ noticed’.

The social media accounts that promote voyeuristic content are things to be aware of. Youngsters easily fall prey to this seemingly pleasurable content and there isn’t an escape once they fall into it. Technology has opened a wide door into the outer world. There is a wider platform for expressing one's opinion and offers a healthy discussion, but on rare occasions, it ends up in controversies. Youngsters find social media as the best way to earn money and that too has a flipside. As a result, life gets much stressful and people forget to play and enjoy life as it is.


In order to find a balance between the real and virtual we need actual playgrounds. That is scope for fun outside the virtual world. Play is fun and it is the best way to stay fit also. Today we have indoor& outdoor fitness and fun parks all over the city.

Indoor games

Youngsters must be provided with accessible indoor play areas. Indoor play areas provide an ideal play ambience with safety surfacing and trouble-free play equipment. Indoor cricket, football and badminton play events are getting more popular in the rural areas as well. The trampoline parks and ninja ropes courses are fun and fitness-oriented activities for youngsters.

Outdoor playgrounds

The youngsters need playgrounds that offer them ample space to play. The activities oriented play benefits just as a healthy workout. There should be activity-oriented outdoor play spaces for youngsters at high schools and colleges.

Fitness parks

Today people seldom get time to visit far away gyms and the heavy schedules ban them from attending regular work out sessions. So it is important to install the fitness and play equipment in office spaces. Many MNCs around the world have slots for leisure activities for employees. The play activities can ease the stress level and also create a positive ambience.

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