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Everything you need to know about indoorplay area business

Everything you need to know about indoorplay area business

Have you got a minimum space of 300 sq. feet to start a new business? Are you currently into a family cantered business like cafeterias, shopping malls and so on? Then kids indoor playgrounds would be a right add on to your existing business space.Or you can start a full- fledged play area at your space.Adding an indoor playground for kids will help your business grow. Funriders indoor soft playgrounds can be designed and installed on a custom basis (according to your area & budget).

The entertaining play area in your business space encourages families to spend more time at your place.The play area project would be a sure source of income for the places where kids accompany their parents⁏such as

  • Shopping center
  • Kids saloon/beauty parlour
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants/cafes
  • Family entertainment center
  • Gym
  • Jewellery

 The kid’s friendly ambience would create a happy atmosphere at your place.Family customers would find soft play areas more welcoming.

Is there a demand for indoor play spaces?

Indoor soft playgrounds are gaining popularity among the city dwellers, as there is a lack of outdoor play areas in metropolitan cities.The indoors are considered more hygienic compared to the polluted outdoors, and the CCTVs and adult supervision makes indoor play area much more secure.


There is more activity-oriented play equipment available for the indoor parks, Nowadays people look for intellectually stimulating play equipment for kids.The play and learn options like interactive games, wall games, puzzles, new age toys etc create a stimulating ambience.

Nowadays the biggest concern of every parent is to get their kids engaged in some activities other than the technology and media.Studies have found that kids are more addicted to mobile screens and many of them suffer from learning and speaking difficulties as a negative result.

Gadget free play is the new moto in the play world.Getting children back to reality is one of the priorities in 2019.It is observed that too much screen time leads to sleep deprivation and reduces attention span.

The indoor playground business can be highly profitable in areas where there is a large population of children and parents who are ready to spend their money.Like tier 1and 2 cities.The trend can be brought to tier3 cities as well as there is much migration from metropolitan cities to inner regions.

Factors you should consider to begin a play area;

There are some crucial factors you should consider when you start the playground business.

Market research–

Have market research–The main aim of your market research is discovering valuable customer information, such as how many children are in that area, and the average income of the inhabitants.

How many children are in your community (ages 0-12)?

Do you have enough physical space for a playground?

Are there many tourists in your area; are there any tourist attractions nearby?

Is there any competitors? Learn their business strategies

With the advent of new technologies you can collect all these demographic information’s through the internet, either you can research on your own or seek the help of an outside agency.

Study about your competitor.Have thorough research on a similar project like the one in your mind.If possible do a direct visit and try to learn the business strategies.Also, check their online presence and learn from that.

Know about the new soft play trends, check if there is anything in trend, like trampolines, meltdown activities etc.Think about what more you can offer to your future customer.Think about a unique and entertaining idea that may suit your play space. It can be a theme, a cartoon character or a unique brand identity.There should be an element that makes you stand out❗


The play area location has a major role in the success of your business. Make sure the place is near to high traffic shopping centres or commercial space.


The budget of your indoor soft play area would depend upon the play area size and equipment choice. The bigger the play area the bigger will be your business. The large soft play areas would include number of children. Yet, you need to make sure that the play area design and equipment quality is excellent.

You can determine the budget of your play area according to the scope of the business. Consider the following–

What will be your estimated customer number?

How many play activities would be there in your play area?

The initial costs like preparing the building, getting sanctions etc.

Marketing costs

Children’s play equipment manufacturer such as Funriders creates indoor soft play areas in mini-medium and large combinations.

DESIGNING PROCESS-indoor soft play

You need a kid’s soft playground design that is uniquely innovative and engaging. To keep your customers coming back you need to walk a little extra than your competitor.

Unique play choices from in house designers: To create a stand-alone play area you need to consult an efficient playground manufacturer.The experienced play equipment providers will have their designers who would create custom theme based designs.

The benefit of a great design is that your playground will have a unique identity. Your little customers will be happy to come back.

Make sure that you leave some space for elders also. The waiting area can also be used for a cafeteria or adult gym/saloon. The parents who accompany kids will also like to engage in fun activities, some play areas also offer parents a free entry with their kid.

Once you have all the necessary licenses and your location ready you can think about setting the play area.

Funriders have the turnkey solution that is from design to installation. Here you have the benefit of a free full-time play consultant to guide you in each level of a playground project.

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