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Need for active Outdoor playgrounds

Need for active Outdoor playgrounds

2020 playgrounds are more advanced in terms of activities, equipment and innovative designs. Being the largest outdoor play equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India we witnessed the radical changes in the playground industry.

Why we need actual playgrounds?

The outdoor play equipment manufacturers wholly agree that electronic gadgets and video games have stolen many children from the actual playgrounds in the past ten years.

The gradual shift from actual play areas to computer monitors lead to lifestyle diseases and obesity among school children. There were many campaigns and seminars conducted against electronic addiction and some got noticed in the global level. Michele Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign which encouraged school children to take part in the activity-oriented play is a notable one in this regard. Increasing physical activity was one of the action plans put forth in the campaign. Along with the movement, people started promoting actual playgrounds. The child specialist advice children to do at least 1 hour of physical activity every day; three different types of activity: aerobic activity, muscle strengthening, and bone-strengthening games.

Activity oriented playgrounds are on the move in 2020.

Along with the classic playground slides, swings, seesaws and climbers the adventure play equipment will be in trend for 2020.

The adventure climbing equipment at Funriders is designed to promote the activity-oriented play. Especially for children of ages 8 to 12yrs. We provide activity playgrounds with play equipment that promote physical activity and mental strength. Basic and advanced levels of play equipment are provided for kids of all abilities. The inclusive play equipment caters to differently-abled children as well.

How choose your play equipment wisely?

When deciding the playground equipment you should give primary importance to, the age category of the children who may use the play equipment.

Age-appropriate play equipment should be selected and instead of picking up the usual play elements you can add more advanced play events like climbing walls, musical play, wall games etc that cater to all ages.

Inclusive play equipment the playground should be accessible to kids who are differently-abled. Funriders manufacture fully wheelchair accessible Multi play station and inclusive play equipment for all children. Our musical play events and sensory play equipment are designed for visual, auditory, tactile stimulation.

Space conscious design - the playground design should be done by experienced professionals. Funriders provides custom park designs by utilising the spaces properly.

Musical Play Equipment - The musical play equipment promote auditory and visual stimulation. Children of all abilities can enjoy the musical play events. The creative play equipment encourages active participation and helps children to recognise new talents.

Puzzles and wall games- The puzzles and wall games encourage kids to think critically and solve problems at ease.

Free play- The free play equipment can improve the children’s imagination. The open-ended play encourages kids to imagine and invent new play events.

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