You can earn 15-20 Lakhs per month !!!, If you invest for a 1500 Sq.Ft indoor play area.

Indoor Soft Play Centre or Indoor Play Ground Centre is a highly profitable
business that has been growing rapidly over the past several years. This is due
largely to a trend within the country, an idea of bringing the conventional play
ground concept to indoor. Parents want their children spend more time
together with other children of same age in a safe & controlled environment in
every sense. In light of recent events and perceived dangers in playing
outdoors, parents are looking more and more in their nearest areas for their
children’s recreational activities.

Business Descriptions

Competition in the children's recreation and entertainment industry consists
of a highly diverse group of children's activities, including clubs, parks,
cinemas, sports and other recreation centers, game parlors, the zoo, and
related activities. All of these activities provide for enjoyment by both the
parents and the children. The indoor playground industry is relatively new in
this group.

The children's indoor playground industry offers a vast marketplace where
the potential has now become even greater because of school budget cuts,
decreasing opportunities for safe play in parks and neighborhoods, and the
ever changing weather, that leaves millions of our children inactive and below
minimum standards of strength, flexibility and endurance. The need for more
children's indoor playgrounds is apparent, and the field offers an abundance
of opportunities to those who love children.

Our Corporate Process

Funriders Leisure & Amusements Pvt. Ltd provides end to end soft play
solution for our clients. Our corporate process is as follow
indoor playground business model

The operation will have to run for 12 hours per day, 7 days a week .The
business needs to employ with permanent staffs and professionals as the need

Project cost

A) Product Cost
For 1500 sq ft play area, it will be 15 lakh Min to 30 lakh max

B) Rent
Initial Advance as per your area.
Three months advance also to be considered towards the pre operating

C) Interior, electrification and AC expense needs to be check with the
local vendors.

Running expense

A) Salary Expenditure
(All the figures are approximate, may vary as per the location of soft play, total
area of soft play centre, experience of the employee and the mode of

For a standard play area of 1500 sq. ft. in Mumbai

Future Growth

We will update you about the new ranges of product on time to time basis.
You can open more number of centers and also plan for franchise options.


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