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School Playground Equipment Guidelines

School Playground Equipment Guidelines

School Playground Equipment Guidelines

School playgrounds are the perfect place for children to learn, play and explore. Studies have proven that physical activity in the playground improves academic performance and classroom behaviour.

Children of the age range 5-12 undergo a lot of mental and physical changes; new habits are formed and nurtured during this age. So forming a strong foundation in the character-wise as well as the body strength-wise is equally important. Choice of outdoor play equipment in school plays a crucial role in the overall development of children. 

 Schools have a unique opportunity to create healthier environments for the development and well-being of children. The right environment can boost the mental health of students to a great extent. The outdoor play equipment for schools are to be picked in proportion to meet the play demands of all children. 

Creating a mini children’s park in the school premise is commonplace, yet installing the best play equipment requires good planning. Choosing the right play equipment for the park requires clarity in the plan. 

Play equipment list –category wise

Playground equipment manufacturers in India create new play events day by day. The ideal playground for a school should meet the play demands of kids of all abilities. Either you can opt for the classic play equipment for parks or opt new playground equipment.  

 Playground equipment for Kids under the age group 3-5: The little ones have to get familiarize with playground and they need injury-free and safe playgrounds. To meet their developmental challenges, playground manufacturers create Children’s play park equipment for the different age groups. 

The play equipment includes: Mini slide (with zero speed landing), Bucket swings, Hopping steps, Kids play tunnels, Tiny seesaw, Duck spring rider, Mini climbers.

Playground equipment for kids under the age group 6-13: Children in this category need more activity-oriented play rides. There must be free play activities that engage every child.

School children need the play equipment that makes them move! Like Twirl slides, merry go rounds, scramblers, climbers, seesaws, kid’s swingsroller table.

 Funriders Hybrid adventure is the most advanced choice for a lively & adventurous play park. The hybrid play equipment set includes net climbers, climbing walls, dome climber, various scramblers and many more.


Inclusive play equipment for children (wheelchair accessible play area)

Inclusion is a prime factor in creating any playground. Kids of all abilities should be able to play in the school playground. 

The inclusive play equipment range includes sensory play equipment which entertains everyone. There are play equipment with visual and auditory stimulations like sensory walls, musical wheels, musical play equipment, inclusive merry go rounds etc.


How Do You Plan a School Playground?


  1. Right planning &area inspection: First have a clear idea about the available area. As it is part of school premise the allotted area should be inspected thoroughly. The play equipment manufacturers will conduct a preliminary visit to know the status of ground. Make sure there is adequate space and drainage facilities your budget &design: The experienced playground consultant from the manufacturer’s side will be there to help you with the suggestions. 


  1. Add a space for free play: A creative place is a must in every playground. Leave some space to kids imaginative play, the open space in the play area can be utilized for conducting special events. 


  1. Play equipment selection: Create the inclusive playground that caters to kids of all abilities. Also, check for age-appropriate play equipment for the younger ones. 


  1. Site preparation: Prepare your site before the new play equipment installation. Remove any debris on the site and arrange for extra works such as lighting, pathways, fences, playground surfacing etc before installing the equipment. So that the installation will be much easier. 


  1. Installation &maintenance: The playground manufacturer would provide both facilities. It’s important to ensure the safety of the children using your school playground. The old playground equipment should be examined to ensure that it meets safety guidelines.


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