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Guide to play area business

Guide to play area business

Setting up kids indoor play area is one of the most profitable and satisfying businesses. It can either be set up as an independent play space or as add on to the existing business restaurant play area, shopping mall plays area etc. User oriented design and safe and best in class equipment can definitely make the indoor play a valuable business.

Focus on amenities

The target customers of an indoor play area are definitely little children of ages between 3-12. Nowadays people opt for family friendly play and party areas along with soft play. A creche facility, party space, adult recreation area, cafe space are also becoming a must have in your play space.

Design to delight

Opt for custom design–the first impression should always be the best impression. 90% of the credit is here to the play area design!! Children’s play equipment manufacturers like Funriders can give custom designs that are unique and budget oriented.

Play area cost

The cost for your play area will depend upon factors like play area capacity, choice of play equipment and the quality of the play equipment. There are plenty of low quality materials available in the market with lesser price and short span of life. Safety should be the first priority as we are dealing with little children. The high quality materials may cost higher but for the long run quality and durability do matter!

Toddler play and kids play areas

There can be separate toddler play and kids play areas to ensure more safer and comfortable playtime. The play equipment design should complement the users age range and abilities.

Children’s playground manufacturers like Funriders give primary importance to safety and manufacture the soft toys using non-toxic polymer.

New fun additions to your play area

For the little kids ( 1-3 yrs)

  • Toddler’s tiny soft slide
  • Soft play blocks
  • Crawl tunnel
  • Soft seesaws
  • Cup merry go round
  • Spinner
  • Cycle MGR
  • Coconut swing
  • Rocker series
  • Puzzles
  • Interactive series; Peanut swing
  • Volcano series

Kiddies range (4-8yrs)

  • Role play
  • Wall games
  • Spider tower
  • Punch bags
  • Interactive game
  • Narrow bridges
  • Kids trampoline
  • Twister
  • Climbing wall
  • Tunnels
  • Wolf gang
  • Slide varients
  • Obstacles
  • Swings
  • Kids trampoline
  • Ball shooting
  • Ball pool

Adventure rides (9-12yrs)

  • Climbing wall
  • Ninja course
  • Meltdown
  • Basketball with trampoline
  • Fitness park

The right manufacturing and installation

The success of a play area lies in quality equipment and flawless installation. It is always best to find

a turn key play solution.Ie, from design –manufacturing-installation and after sales support.

At Funriders we offer the end to end playground support. You can avail the free play area

consultation either by enquiring on this website or by dialling +91 9072 020 000.

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