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Have you got the plans for an indoor soft playground? Are you seriously thinking about the pros and cons of the kid’s playground business? Then this article is meant for you.

Adding an indoor play area into your current business is a wise choice, as the demand for crèches and childcare centres are increasing day by day. Whether you own a super market, jewellery, retail shop or restaurant, the kid’s playground will provide the ideal ambience for your customers. The play areas will attract more frequent visitors to your place and help your business grow.

The right indoor soft play manufacturer can help you in constructing the perfect playground that fits your area and budget. At Funriders, we offer fully customized playground design, manufacturing and installation facilities.

Our aim is to create a family friendly ambience that encourages kids to have lots of fun and peaceful time for elders to do their business.

Where can we install indoor play areas?

Indoor play literally fits everywhere! We can customize the playground to any given area and budget; likewise the project can be a mini/medium/large play area.

You can definitely install a soft playground in your business space & make it the most kids friendly;

  • Creche
  • Playschool
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarket
  • Shopping Centre
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Air port

Why Indoor play is a profitable business?

Our cities are becoming highly populated and people prefer hygienic and safe play options for children. Parents all over the world resort to children’s day care centres and they find it very hard to take children for shopping or social settings as kids get easily bored with the massive crowds. Here the need for an interesting alternative is very big. The kid’s friendly play stations would surely attract more families to the business space and your little customers will definitely advertise your place far and wide!!!

How to begin the playground business?

Step 1

Confirm the exact location

Have a clear idea of the setting of your play area.

  • Consider the factors like age range of kids and the approximate number of visitors to your space at a time.
  • Analyse the floor plan and area specifications.
  • Prepare a CAD (computer-aided design) file of your area.

Step 2

Think about the approximate budget

It is important to have an idea about the approximate cost for the play area project. The play area outlook will depend upon the money that you invest in it. Obliviously large playgrounds will stand out and it will also cost higher than that of a mini or medium playground.

Budget will depend upon;

  • The choice of play equipment
  • Play area specifications
  • Age range of children
  • Extra expenses

Step 3

Find the right playground manufacturer

An experienced playground manufacturer can guide you in the right direction since they have a clear idea of the trends in the playground industry.

Step 4

Choose the attractive design and play equipment

Funriders has in-house design facility and we can provide you 3D designs that are fully customized and budget oriented. All you need to do is sending the CAD file and your play preferences.

We offer varied themes and creative play options that fits all budgets. Our most sought after indoor soft play themes: JUNGLE SAFARI, DEEP SEA, SPACE, RACE, SUPER HERO, PIRATES, CASTLE, CARTOON etc.

We offer separate TODDLER PLAY AREA, TRAMPOLINE PARK and SOFT PLAY AREA If you are satisfied with the design we can proceed to the next level that is manufacturing.

Step 5

Quality Manufacturing

It is important to have quality products since we are planning a long term project for children. There are low quality products available in the market but we will have to suffer the consequences like allergies, frequent wear and tear etc.

Funriders manufactures soft play equipment using supreme quality virgin polymer which is fire retardant and non-toxic. You can visit our factory situated at Kerala and witness the quality production.

Step 6


Even the high quality equipment if not installed in the right way fall apart. Our experienced installation team fixes the play equipment in the finest way and you can confidently start your business the very next day.

Step 7


Marketing has a key role in the playground business. Think creative techniques like promotional events, free entry pass road show etc to make your grant entry to the play world! Create the most kids friendly play zones and your little customers will advertise your place far and wide.

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