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How to start a soft play area business in India-Complete guide

How to start a soft play area business in India-Complete guide

Indoor soft play business is one among the colourful business options; if taken the right approach it will be a valuable source of income. The metropolitan cities in India have accepted the Kids play area as a valuable source of profit. Children’s leisure and amusement industry is now taking a ’u’turn to family entertainment centres or FECs.

The place which can entertain children and give peace of mind to parents; this is what a kid’s play area all about! So, when thinking about the play area business, the first concern should be quality and safety.

No.1 Area selection

If you are about to consider the location, you may have to give primary focus to the ease of access. Check for the transportation facilities as well as approximate crowd ratio in around 5-10 kilometers. It will be great if you have your play area nearer to the city. The parking facilities and city/main road accessibility should be checked without fail.

No.2 Prepare your play area CAD (Computer Aided Design)

The CAD file of your area should be prepared; in order to get into the playground design part. So get your area plan ready before you consult the playground manufacturer. The area plan PDF file can also be converted to CAD by the playground designers. At Funriders we have in-house designing team to assist you with the designing process.

No.3 Choose the right play equipment manufacturer/supplier

The key element of a playground business is quality playground equipment. Finding the right manufacturer will ease the whole process; as complete playground solution providers like Funriders will guide you in the whole process from design to installation.

No.4 Age appropriate play equipment

Know the age range of children who will be playing inside your space. Age appropriate play equipment should be installed in your space in order to ensure safety. Soft play equipment manufacturers can give you a separate toddler play as well as kids play area design within the given space.

No.5 Customized Design

The best choice for indoor play area is to opt for customization. The playground supplier can customize the whole play area according to your choices. It will be extremely helpful as customized playground designs can wisely utilize the given space.

The play area design should match the likes of children. Opt for themed play areas and innovative play ideas.

Choose the latest play equipment such as;

  • Interactive game
  • Kids trampoline
  • Electric play rides
  • Volcano slides
  • Donut slide
  • Woolf gang
  • Melt down
  • Balloon carnival
  • Ball dumper
  • Pyramid trampoline
  • Lego bar
  • Hanging octopus
  • Spider tower
  • Snow man
  • Zip lines
  • Wall climbers
  • Duck hole
  • Rope climbers

Opt for kids friendly play area themes and attractive colour choices. Creative and signature play elements such as Signature slide (in which you can print your play area name) can make your indoor play center unique.

No.6 Right manufacturing

When it comes to kids play area the focal point should be on safety and quality of the equipment. Make sure your manufacturer use non-toxic and lead free materials for production. The soft play equipment in Funriders meets the international quality standards and the products undergo a double quality check before despatch.

No.7 Installation

Experienced children’s playground manufacturers will have a team of qualifies playground consultants and installation professionals who take this job seriously. It is very important to know the certificates and quality standards the playground supplier follows. Funriders is a TUV &ISO certified play Equipment Company that has many years of experience in the kid’s amusement industry.

No.8 Marketing

Let your little customers advertise your place far and wide! Marketing has a crucial role in making your business a grand success. Try promotional events such as children’s art competitions, promotional events, road shows ,print and media ads etc.

Be lively in your content in social medias, take a professional promotional video and popularize brand name among kids. Make your space a heavenly place for kids and keep updating your play events as required.

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