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Inclusive playground in India -

Inclusive playground in India - THE HEALING POWER OF PLAY: INCLUSION

Children’s play equipment manufacturers design inclusive play for differently abled children. Playtime has a bigger role in shaping children’s lives. The recreation hours are crucial as it has a lot to offer for brain development.

Differently abled? Yes Eligible for play? Yes you are.

A little extra care for those who need special care is the motto of inclusion. There must be no disability which prevents kids from playing. That’s why we have created the all-inclusive playgrounds. Here you can find the play equipment that can entertain everyone!!!

If your child has any difficulties in mingling with others don’t scold him just take him to the playground. The disabilities of any kind are to be addressed with caution! There is no child who is disabled in the play world.

Inclusive play in India

Funriders is the first playground manufacturer in Kerala that came up with the Indian inclusive playground design. The Kerala playground manufacturing company has a creative play design team and own manufacturing unit to fulfil the dream.

Creating the ideal play equipment for all abilities was a great challenge. As an enthusiastic playground supplier, we taken up the idea continued working on it for several months.

The primary call is for free play-Our playground specialists say that unstructured play is the ideal play method. Kids learn a lot of things as they play freely.

Kids with special needs are of no exception they also have the need for exploration. The only difference is that they do it in their own way that is quite natural. Our inclusive play equipment enables children to be a part of the group and it encourages them to explore the outside world.

  • Social inclusion
  • Children are always curious to know each other and this curiosity acts as an opportunity to build companionship. Even the most silent kids become active when she or he engages in free play.

    Kids adapt to their surroundings very fast- In the inclusive playground you can say yes to all equipment. We realize parent’s anxiety when their kids with a disability enter into a slide or a swing. In inclusive play station, you can find swings with safety belts and wider seats.

  • The inclusive play equipment design
  • We always look for ways to adapt the activity to meet the child’s abilities. Heights of the equipment and the safety railings are adjusted. There are wheelchair accessible ramps, and we have accessible slide positioning so that the wheelchair can reach.

  • Freedom to roam around
  • All you can do to make your little one happy is to set them free! Playtime is the best to encourage their inner talents and have a positive outlook on life. Let them play today and live a better life tomorrow.

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