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The Growth of kid’s indoor playground business in India

The Growth of kid’s indoor playground business in India

Kids indoor play centers came into the forefront a couple of years ago. People began to consider the play areas as a profitable business and the number of people who have taken up this field has doubled within the short span.

This rapid shift from outdoor parks to indoor kids play areas began in the metro cities. Especially in the industrial areas where people migrated in search of new pastures.

Indoor play areas were a prominent feature in western culture. First these play areas began to function as children’s crèche or kindergarten. Later on people began to consider the play centers as an essential factor, to keep kids happy and safe, while the parents were busy with their job.

The kids play center business in India

The play area business flourished the most in the commercial areas, especially in metro cities. Parents found it easier to drop their kids to the indoor play areas and pick them on their way back. Kids play area centres have much demand in high population density areas. Especially near to it parks and shopping centers.

  • Kids play area ideal locations have also undergone a gradual shift from playschool premises to flexible locations; like a children’s toy shop, clothes and accessories store, supermarkets, commercial shopping centres, hospitals, restaurants, educational institutions and so on.

  • Children’s play area design themes Within these five to ten years there occurred so many alterations and additions to the play area design, like the overall activity list, theme, choice of colours etc.

  • Family Entertainment Centers is the new play area concept, like rather than being a play center the whole setting is converted to a family get together place with other facilities that cater to adults who accompany children. This FEC concept opens way for new business options like restaurant /cafeteria, gym/spa etc.

  • Play area come party space makes it even more fantastic as in the metro cities the play areas feels like heaven for the little ones. New-age parents also opt for children’s play centers to conduct kids birthday parties, as the play cafes keep their kids happy more than anything.

  • Play center activities At first people opted general themed play areas with classic play equipment like slides, swings and merry go rounds, Now the entire concept of play has changed to fully customized theme play areas.

  • New generation play events Kids play industry is an ever-growing one! So are the new play events; thousands of new play toys are introduced in the market every month. In the kid’s indoor play areas. Create playful destinations that kids love!!

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