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Playground additions 2019; Kids adventure series!!

Playground additions 2019; Kids adventure series!!

The high energy play ground is the trend of 2019!!! Children’s play equipment suppliers all around the globe invent smart play ideas day by day. At Funriders, we have something new to add on to the adventure play list.

The high energy kids need exciting rides for the playful workout. The dynamic play elements encourage kids to seek new heights and mark new records. In our new collections we have given primary importance to movement. Kids need to move their body and stretch their muscles. In our high energy parks kids learn to coordinate and balance their body movements.

Hybrid adventure is the right platform for adventure, fun and work out. The climbing walls encourage movement and coordination. It takes a lot of concentration and special calculations in climbing. Indian playgrounds need a playful makeover as the basic play equipment needs to be altered to the demands of new age children.

The modern project creates the ideal ambience for climbing. Our new series are exclusively designed for 8-16 year olds. Kids can find out their true potential and know their physical limits. The play equipment can also help to reduce the fear of heights. The web climbers have a broader safety netting that help kids to take their primary steps. Commando net and wall climbers help in stretching the muscles and improving concentration.

Create new records in climbing!!


The activity demands a good amount of attention and concentration. Kids are encouraged to balance their body in a suitable position and climb the way up without falling down. Climbing a wall involves a physical activity along with the mental effort.


With each climbing activity kids gain a sense of self-awareness with respect to their potentials. Free play enables kids to think on their own and act on their own. Conquering the new height will definitely improve their self-esteem and kids will not feel anxious when a new challenge comes before them.


Bonding with nature is something that helps kids in their overall well-being. The outdoor play freshens up their mind and body. The challenging activities can activate their mind and the climbing activity energises them from within.

One hour free play on a daily basis can actually make an impact!! Playground has a large share in character formation too.

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