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Playtime is children’s work out time! Expert talks.

Playtime is children’s work out time! Expert talks.

Experts say that children who play regularly for at least one hour a day have twice physical and mental health than kids who don’t. Children’s specialists are of the opinion that, the reason for most of the behavioural and academic problems is lack of play!

Sit less move more

It is better to avoid long hours of sitting whether it is at school or at home. Children’s body need work out sessions every now and then. The video games and smartphones become villainous here; as kids tend to gaze on the screen and forget the reality around.

Fight obesity hyperactivity and aggressive behaviour through play. Parents often complain that their kids are too aggressive or too mild. Children’s play equipment manufacturers opt for play rides that encourage movement play. When kids play real they get the idea of the world around.

Play outdoors and Play indoors

Kids need to experience nature and explore the world around. Outdoor play is highly recommended as there is a lot of vitamin D in sunlight. But outdoor is not a fine option when the weather is bad. Children in crowded cities can make use of the indoor play areas.

Here are the top 10 reasons why kids should play actively:

  • -Children who regularly play 60 minutes a day exhibit lower rates of obesity.
  • -Physical activity promotes mental health. This results in academic excellence as well.
  • -Through play, kids learn to socialize and it improves their interpersonal skills.
  • -Play activities that require a lot of imaginative and creative skills such as soft play blocks, clay modelling, role play etc help to develop a broad range of skills.
  • -Physical activity promotes a healthy lifestyle and the chance for obesity and related health problems can be restricted to a broad level.
  • -The right active play elements such as Multi-fun stations, Interactive play, Hybrid adventure rides promote physical strength by involving all core body parts.
  • -The fun and fitness rides like trampolines and ninja course help kids acquire new skills and gain more confidence.
  • -Activities involving a little bit of adventure like the balance beam, meltdown and ropes course promotes emotional stability.
  • -Regular exercise decreases signs of depression and kids learn to take success and failure as it comes.
  • -An active body constitutes an active mind and children learn to be spontaneous and sportive.

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