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How safe are children in the indoor playground?

How safe are children in the indoor playground?


          The playground is meant to be a happy place and in there we see kids enjoying their bunch of freedom in the fullest sense. We love to see happy faces all the time. But at times injuries happen in the playground and we are forced to deal with those tearful eyes. Parents and caregivers need to do everything possible to ensure the playtime is fun time and no one gets hurt. When it comes to indoor play grounds the chances of such accidents are lesser as compared to the outdoors.

Why indoor play is safer than outdoor play?

  • Indoor play offers the freedom to wander around without restrictions. It promotes free play in a secured ambience.
  • The play equipments used in the indoor play areas are soft and well-padded which creates the ideal safe play area for kids.
  • Most indoor play areas have the facility of CCTV cameras as well as play supervisors to ensure safe play.
  • Indoor play offers unhindered play time as the sudden climate changes and bad weather do not spoil the fun.
  • The indoor play areas in Play centres, Restaurants, Air ports, Shopping Malls and Work places offer a secure leisure time for the kids.

Tips make sure our little prince and princess are having delightful time in the indoors;

Double check the surface of the playground as well as play equipments

Children run jump and move so eagerly and carelessly in the playground. Be careful that the surface they interact with is problem free and safe. Child’s skin is so sensitive and it easily absorbs poisonous substances from the surfaces they get into contact with.  Make sure that the material which is used to make the play equipment as well as the playground meets the safety standards and are not harmful for frequent use.

Keep in mind that there are play equipments made from recycled materials which cause health problems. Also look for hazards like broken edges or rusted surfaces.

Make sure there is an adult supervisor to watch over

 Ensure that your little ones play under the surveillance of a responsible adult. There needs to be a reliable person who would take good care of the children in the indoor playground.

Choose the play options according to your child’s age

The play equipments are designed by keeping specified age limits and choosing play equipments appropriate to the child‘s age group would be the right option in the indoor play area. Toddlers and kids under the age five should always be provided separate play areas with ample security measures.

Safety checklist inside indoor play area

Here are some basic rules to have proper fun in indoor play;

  • Proper Attire: Make sure kids are dressed appropriately. Keep aware of clothing that could get caught or that your child trip over, like untied ribbons hoods or drawstrings. If your child has long hair, make sure it is tied up so it doesn’t get caught on equipment.


  • Avoid climbing on wet equipment. Wet equipment could be slippery and could lead to a fall.
  • Teach your children safe playground behaviour: Kids should know that shoving, pushing or crowding is forbidden.
  • Never climb up the front of slides. Kids are in danger of getting injured by someone coming down the slide if they try to climb up. Furthermore, they could slip and fall when climbing up the front of a slide the wrong way.
  • Choose age-appropriate playground equipment. Your kids should only play on equipment that is safe for them to use given their current age and skill level.
  • Adhere to the rules given by the instructor. Follow the instructions regarding height /age restriction in certain play equipments
  • Make sure the availability of the first aid kit. The one who is in charge should be trained to deal with the basic injuries.
  • Do not take eatables and water to the play area. Keep the play space clean.
  • Do not block entrances and exits of rides. Give way for peers and enjoy togetherness.


If parents and care givers keep these safety rules in mind, they can significantly reduce the chance of a playground injury. Let our children enjoy without limits…Explore the happiness inside …Indoor is actually the fun door!!!




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