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Let’s combine play and learning; New methodologies in early education

Let’s combine play and learning; New methodologies in early education

The perfect way to learn something new is learning it in a fun way! Kid’s educational and recreational industries are now joining together for a much more effective method of development. Education specialists all over the world opt for clutter-free; simpler and straightforward play events to teach elementary lessons. The new mode of learning is playful and enjoyable one. The new methodologies focus on the various features of play like creative, imaginative, communicative, problem solving and people skills. Child specialists have recommended three hour free play for kids for effective learning experience and now the new play+ learning method makes studies an interesting endeavour.

The new lessons of play

The classrooms are undergoing a playful makeover this summer as the new academic year awaits a totally different learning experience. The indoor play equipment manufacturers have created kid’s friendly learning aids that are funny and informative. These new experiments are majorly focusing on indoors as the soft play is relatively trouble free and safe to be included in schools and child care centres.

Creative way to learn the first lessons! The wall panel and learning blocks are the new additions to the classrooms that make learning interesting! The wall games are designed to entertain as well as educate young minds. These wooden panels transform the empty walls into canvas for fun!! They provide great entertainment for children and awaken their curiosity with alphabets, number patterns and animal characters.

Colourful and entertaining, these are ideal for the little ones to develop their Cognitive abilities.

It improves

  • Observation
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Logical thinking

What are they learning while they play?

Creative skills

Kids use a lot of imagination while they play! It is also important to provide them ample play elements to play with! The easiest method to boost their imagination is giving them a chance to be creative!! Provide young children the most exciting soft play blocks, building blocks, plain canvases for drawing, clay modelling and random play toys which have no special manuals or play directions. You can also experiment with:

  • Soft play blocks
  • Music play
  • Colouring set

Problem solving skills

Kids learn to solve the complex mathematical problems through a thorough understanding of basics. There are a number of problem solving play events designed just for the tiny little ones. The wall games, puzzles and xox play equipment are ideal for grasping the basic maths and alphabets. These improve children’s eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and sensory motor skills.

Ideal play equipment:

  • Wooden wall panels
  • Puzzles
  • Alphabet blocks
  • Number games
  • Word games

People skills

Through playing kids acquire the social skills and they learn to cooperate and communicate with their peers. Team play improves their self esteem and teaches good habits like taking turns, sharing, helping each other. Nowadays most of us are part of nuclear families and kids are not getting ample chances to interact with so many people. Playground is a perfect place to meet and interact with so many likeminded people and it helps a child to acquire social skills.

Choose Right play for your children

Know your child’s interest and choose the right toy that enhances their current skills and also help to improve new talents.

The active ones

Do they love to dance, run jump and make gestures? They need Role play, movement, things to build, hands on learning!!!

The little artists

Do they love designing, drawing, visualising and doodling? They need Slides, legos, building blocks, puzzles, illustrated books, and outdoor explorations!!

The deep thinkers

Do they love to read, organize, and meditate? They need group games, activity zones and story books.

The book lovers

Do they love reading, writing, telling stories and playing with words? They need word games, storytelling sessions, puzzles and discussion platforms!

The music lovers

Do they like singing, humming, listening to music and love sounds? The need musical play instruments sing along games and exposure to more lovely rhythm!!

The analytical ones

Do they love solving puzzles, experimenting and calculating? They need things to explore, manipulate objects and building blocks!

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