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The hyper active kids are always on the go. They climb the way up and jump the way down, run, skip and what not?! The reality is that they find it really hard to sit still or do something continuously for a long period of time. Parents and caretakers most often consider the hyperactive behaviour as over acting or attention seeking behaviour.

The best therapy for ADHD is to provide them something engaging as well as entertaining; something that does not make them feel obstructed. There are a couple of fun and safe play options that would benefit for individuals who have ADHD.


The most appropriate play option for a high energy child will be an equally energetic play equipment. The free bouncing activity in the high energy trampolines will definitely help them to have a fantastic recess. The up and down jumps in the trampoline would benefit in their muscle relaxation.

What is trampoline?

Trampoline is a free-bouncing equipment in which jumpers actually get fitness and fun!!! It was a huge success in the western countries and it is a key concept in today’s fitness industry. NASA has confirmed that the rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man!

How it works?

The major activity involved inside a trampoline is jumping and free bouncing. It is a lot more than the usual jumping, as it takes one really up and allows him/her to bounce up and down without much effort!! The higher the jump, the greater the G-force is exerted to bring the jumper back to the mat, so that each muscle and cell are impacted in a stronger way.

Where can we fix trampolines?

Trampolines literally fit anywhere. Irrespective of ages, everybody can use a trampoline and get an energy outbreak; it can either be used in the indoors or outdoors. The trampolines are available in mini medium and large variations and one can choose the right one from different variants.

Why trampoline?

Trampoline health benefits are extended to both young and old; here are some more important facts that everybody need to know:

  1. Health Benefits
  2. Trampolining requires the stretching of almost all the muscles in the human body. Unlike jogging Trampolines cause only little shock trauma to the skeletal system than running on hard surfaces. Regular exercise on trampolines is proved to increase lung capacities and red blood cell counts.

  3. Advantageous for the Lymphatic System
  4. The lymphatic system fights bacterial and viral infections and transports waste products out of the body. Since muscle contractions are being used by the lymph fluid to help it transport itself around the body, trampoline exercise is the best means for this.

  5. Weight Loss
  6. The bounce generated while jumping on a trampoline can offer the feeling of soaring through the air and burn a considerable amount of fat. Burning calories can actually help lead to weight loss.

  7. Helps to cure back Problems
  8. Trampoline activities are proven low-impact exercises, which strengthen the spinal cord. Trampoline rebounding provides several benefits such as improving the flexibility of the back muscles and strengthening spine.

  9. Body Balance
  10. Jumping on a trampoline is unlike balancing on anything else. The trampoline floor is constantly moving and jumpers must be aware of their centre of gravity at all times. The balance learned on a trampoline helps improve balance in other activities.

  11. Natural Face Lift
  12. As getting aged, oxygen levels in the skin cells decrease, resulting in a loss of elasticity and the formation of lines and wrinkles. Each cell of human body is like a balloon. Trampoline exercise puts these cells repeatedly under stress as they need to resist the increased gravitational force. With time, the cell’s membrane gets thicker, thus firmer, and gains elasticity. Therefore, regular use of a trampoline will firm your skin and increase its elasticity.

  13. Builds Bone Mass
  14. Consecutive study by NASA has proven that trampoline activities are the best exercises to rebuild the lost bone tissue of astronauts whose continued weightless state caused them to lose up to 15% bone mass in only 2 weeks in space.

  15. Relieves stress
  16. Trampolining acts like a natural analgesic, relieving pain throughout the body by increasing circulation and the flow of oxygen, and has also been shown to enhance relaxation and improves sleep.

  17. Strengthens pelvic muscles
  18. Trampoline activities can strengthen the pelvic area muscles which are located between the legs, and run from pubic bone at the front to the base of the spine at the back.

Outdoor Trampoline

Suitable for backyards as well as public parks, outdoor trampoline is an excellent piece of play equipment that allows participants to have the feel of real childhood combined with fitness and fun. Manufactured using industrial best steel and PP mesh; outdoor trampolines would be an asset for private and public parks, acrobatic training centres, water parks, gymnasiums and schools.

Indoor Trampoline

Trampoline parks carved its place in the play world with its popular and exiting activities suitable for all ages.

Indoor trampolines are set on finest quality steel frames with high tension galvanised spring which guarantees quality and fun. Trampoline Park is an exciting fun and physical fitness outlet that unplug people of all ages from the pressures of the day and takes them to a safe, clean, and fun environment.

Kids Trampoline

The most exciting kid’s trampoline can help kids stay fit without even realising! Kids will love the repeated bouncing experience which stimulates mind and body. Thee free jumping is an exercise in disguise too that keeps the children stay fit and active. Trampolining could be an answer to those who want to keep up their fitness but have struggled with joint difficulties. Trampolines are easy to use, and last but not least a fun way to exercise!

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