Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Equipment

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If you need help in starting an indoor play equipment centre and  if you dont know how to do tha... Don’t worry, we will help you out.....we have helped many customers start and run a variety of successful indoor play equipment centre’s with all types of budgets and expectations.

The indoor Playground Industry

Competition in the children's recreation and entertainment industry consists of a highly diverse group of children's activities, including clubs, parks, cinemas, sports and other recreation centers, game parlors, the zoo, and related activities. All of these activities provide for enjoyment by both the parents and the children. The indoor playground industry is relatively new in this group.

The concept of

How to start a soft play centre business?

Everybody wants their children to enjoy a healthy balance of structured and unstructured play in their leisure time. Children enjoy playing and prefer to be outside, but opportunities to do this are falling and the extreme climate and the unavailability of outdoor play area also affect the play opportunities.

So, parents and children want some kind of alternative to play safely close to wh...

Amusement Parks & the Extreme Rides

Fun, laughter, screaming, lot of action, no accidents, don’t know if you goanna make it back to the station, like in cloud nine and when gets off says “oh! That was awesome, wow that was incredible” that’s Extreme Rides

Mix of moderate intense activities enhance childrens development and happiness

Time is a game played beautifully by children.”
                                                                 ― Heraclitus

By the time children reaches the adulthood they come across lot many things about life in this world and the...

Experience Fun And Excitement Through Our Gaming Innovations

Funriders Leisure & Amusement Pvt. Ltd.  is a first-class family entertainment center (FEC) developer based in Kochi and caters to clients all over India as well as overseas patrons who strongly believe in our cause of spreading smiles and developing a world of play. We specialise in a wide spectrum of products ranging from the most fancied soft play structures to the electrifying amusement rid...

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