Have you got the plans for an indoor soft playground? Are you seriously thinking about the pros and cons of the kid’s playground business? Then this article is meant for you.

Adding an indoor play area into your current business is a wise choice, as the demand for crèches and childcare centres are increasing day by day. Whether you own a super market, jewellery, retail shop or restaurant, the kid’s playground will provide the ideal ambience for your customers. The play areas will attract more frequent visitors to your place and help your business grow.

The rig...



The hyper active kids are always on the go. They climb the way up and jump the way down, run, skip and what not?! The reality is that they find it really hard to sit still or do something continuously for a long period of time. Parents and caretakers most often consider the hyperactive behaviour as over acting or attention seeking behaviour.

The best therapy for ADHD is to provide them something engaging as well as entertaining; something that does not make them feel obstructed. There are a couple of fun and safe play optio...

Is your playground inclusive?

All children in the world deserve a space to be called their own, where they can be themselves, to be able to run jump and scream!!! Outdoor playground equipment manufacturers all across the globe dedicate their time in search of new play options and creative ideas.

The primary goal in creating a play area is providing fun for all kids regardless of their limitations or abilities. It is important to give equal opportunities to the children who are differently abled.

  • Include physical play
  • Kids need to be active ...

Real Play is important for their growth

Lets examine Piaget’s cognitive development theory on the basis of play;

Sensorimotor Stage (O-2 Years)

The stage during which sensory input and motor responses become coordinated, the child put everything he gets in his mouth and plays with the “Chance” card. Active play with child is most effective at this stage. Encourage explorations in touching, smelling, and manipulating objects. Peekaboo is a good way to establish the permanence of objects. Indoor soft play toys are a better option as they are weightless, soft and secure compared to other play toys...

Why sensory toys are important for your child?

Kids begin to experience the world primarily through the five senses. They see, smell, touch, hear and taste anything and everything to get a good grasp of the outer world. The role of each sense is vital in making the kid a smart individual and to stimulate the senses the most appropriate choice is the soft play toys!!

Sensory soft play toys are highly recommended by the child specialists all around the world as the most effective tools for improving gross motor and cognitive skills. It is important to provide a safe environment for kids to try their first steps in the pl...

Fitness meets fun at the park

Outdoor fitness; a new trend in the park industry

Have you tired of being called fat or overweight? The thought of going to the gym and fitness centres might invoke a sense of boredom as they are mostly crowded in the peak hours. Most of us have 8-12 hr busy work schedule in which we even forget to breathe!!! Quite an exaggeration but we need some time of our own, to refresh our mind and bo...

How to make your dream playground real? For those who are new to the playground business.

Explore your ideas: Have an idea about the whole project as a first step. Think on the possible designs, themes and certainly about the budget.

Visit similar projects if possible or you can also check the websites and online sources. It will help you in have a research and you can easily note down the additions, which can be included in your area.

Target your customer it is an important factor, as we are going to deal with the naughty kids. Know the likes and dislikes of children who are going to be the end users in you...

The new wave in the entertainment industry

Children are the most updated individuals in all eras. The craving for everything new is right there in their genes. Now that the technology is changing day by day so does the concept of entertainment.

New concepts in the entertainment industry focus not only on children but also the adults who accompany them. The new wave in the industry aim to entertain people of all age groups; from the toddler to the eldest member in the family. The play events have undergone a shift from mere entertainment to adventure and fun.

The energizing trampoline parks offer fun of excitemen...

The playgrounds are empty!!! What will happen if they dont play?


6.00 am  Wake up

7.00 am  Break fast

7.30 am  Go to school

3.00 pm  Back from school

4-6 pm   Tuition class /extra coaching

7-9 pm   Study time

9 pm       Dinner and go to sleep

This is a fourth grade student’s daily routine on a regular school day. Nowadays the leisure time after school has been transformed into tuition or extra coaching time. Oh what a change!!! Who would have thought our play time would undergo such a drastic transformation. N...

How safe are children in the indoor playground?


          The playground is meant to be a happy place and in there we see kids enjoying their bunch of freedom in the fullest sense. We love to see happy faces all the time. But at times injuries happen in the playground and we are forced to deal with those tearful eyes. Parents and caregivers need to do everything possible to ensure the playtime is fun time and no one gets hurt. When it comes to indoor play grounds the chances of such accidents are lesser as compared to the outdoors.

Why indoor p...

Active Kids are in Need of Best Energy Burning Indoor Toys

Are your active kids stuck because of the absence of indoor activities?  Anything like climb, bounce or spin activities will be better to be engaged!!

It is better to let kids play outdoors, but sometimes playing outside won’t work. You need few indoor activities to keep the kid happy indoors and it is good for everyone’s sanity at home especially if you are having a toddler or preschooler.

Here are some Indoor playground equipments that can entertain your children indoor at home. These are ...

Scope of Indoor Soft Play in India

Children are very precious part of a family. In India children are very much cared and pampered by almost all the elders, no matter how old they are. Now days as both men and women are independent and even the concept of family planning are considered by almost all the couples, everyone ought to have one or two child and each and every penny are spend for the children so that they can serve the best for them. Not only in metropolitan cities, In B and C grade cities parents want their children to study in the best school, even they make their children to involve in extra-curricular activities w...

How Indoor Softplay Help Hyper Active Children

Agree it or not, most teachers find it difficult to deal with the hyperactive students while teaching and many classes will have more than one hyperactive student. These hyperactive children frequently get into trouble and the most interesting thing is that they will display sincere regret for their actions… repeatedly, and while teaching teachers will be wondering, how these hyperactive students will manage to study their topics.

Studies have proven that the best solution for the hyperactive children is to get engaged with play equipments and get involved in physical act...

Concept on Playground Design

The huge response to “Fair Play Options For children” a research programme conducted by Funriders Leisure & Amusement Pvt. Ltd among the school going students their parents and teachers shows that children and young people want to get themselves involved in play and other playground related game options. They are all done with the conventional play equipments and now looking for bigger and better play grounds with more exciting and challengin...

Trampoline Park Business

Trampolining was first introduced in 1936 by a circus acrobat in a public performance where the audience witnessed the acrobat jumping and twisting in the air with wonder. By 1950s trampoline and trampolining evolved to be a part of outdoor recreation. After a long run trampolining became official sport event in Olympics in 2000 and since then trampoline jumping is gaining quick popularity across the globe, so is the indoor trampoline park industry.

In the beginning of 21st century, there were only a very few indoor

The Soft Play Manufacturer

As per the market norms, there are three characteristics an indoor playground or indoor soft play needs to succeed in parks and entertainment industry. The first is innovation; the playground needs to be unique so as to catch the interest of customers. The second one is the safety standards; the structure, materials, and playground equipment must be sturdy and durable, minimizing potential risk of injuries. Third, the playground needs to be diverse in terms ...

Why children love playing in a Soft Play

For those burning hot days and raining cats and dogs, when the kiddies dream of a calm weather when they can scamper and play with endless energy to blaze but the outside playground is not an option, the soft play beckons. The Soft Play concept and design came about in order to improve the whole experience of family entertainment centers across the globe. Every play event and aspect of the Soft Play has been put together after careful thought into the needs of different age groups and their abiliti...

Let children enjoy the air of thrill in playing indoor

Indoor playgrounds and play equipments offer kids air of fun, friends, and exercise. So it's important to avoid improper indoor toys and play equipments that ruin the fun of children. A variety of factors determine the quality of indoor play equipments, these include design of the play area and play equipments, safety issues and accessibility. There is a critical need to develop a disposition for indoor physical activities in young children.

Indoor pl...

Playground Business Ideas

Parents want their kids to appreciate play and engage in play activities in their relaxation time, likewise kids like playing and always want to be in the playground. However chances to play are falling because of the extreme atmosphere and more over limited access to outdoor play areas due to unavailability of land for setting up play grounds. On this ground, children need some sort of distinctive play option to burn out their energy steadily where they live. They need some sor...

How to start an indoor playground

A lot many people think that starting a business is hard. Too many would get stuck early in the process because they lack idea about what kind of business they should start or think only certain people has what it takes to make it as a successful entrepreneur. The reality is, most people have what it requires. However what most people lack is the business idea, patience, determination and ability to plan. The key is to have a business idea and work plan to stick to the simple factors to guide you along the way.

Here is the first step to start your own business, the business idea...

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